This blog is a very tiny window into my blogging life. A narrow, frosted window; the kind you usually see at the dentist's office to shield from view the impending torture slowly deviating toward your mouth.

Unfortunately, most of my blogging content is too personal to put up publicly, and I feel bad because 99.9% of the people I mention it to won't ever have access to it. So I made a public blog. It has resulted in the debacle that is this account - a superficial outpouring in humorously obscure, skewed ways.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dragon Age: Origins

I finally downloaded this game last weekend and picked up the ultimate edition that included Awakenings and all the DLC. Holy frick I am addicted to this game. After I pass this, Brennen, I swear I'll go finish the Starcraft 2 campaign, promise...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween Costume for 2010


I also did some robot/cyborg make up on my friend:

New School Year Comtemplations

Final year of nursing - I know the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer no longer some angry version of Thomas the Tank Engine. Anyone every play Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for the DS? Yeah, those evil trains that you see all over the place were basically following me throughout the entire duration of my university education.

I had an interesting summer working as a UNE for an orthopedic surgery ward at the University of Alberta. I definitely learned a lot - but I definitely know that's not for me. Four years of nursing, and I still don't know what I love. I know I definitely like the acuity of surgery, and sexual health education has always been a big interest of my just because of how curious I was when I was younger about it - but no one in my upbringing really tried to explain it.

I figure surgery is a good start though. I definitely know I haven't found my niche, and I'm definitely still a baby nurse - but I feel confident in my ability to learn, research, and further my own growth and education regarding fields I know I will end up enjoying.

I'm sort of boring lately - mostly just hanging out with the gingerboy and spending some time with my family. I feel less crazy about the opportunities in life right now - I feel I need a kickstart in terms of getting moving again doing some crazy things.

Regardless, I can't wait till the year I over. Got my grad photos done - definitely makes me feel I can grasp the end. Hopefully I can replenish my coffers and get rid of my student debt really early in my career. ughhhhh--- debt. >_>