This blog is a very tiny window into my blogging life. A narrow, frosted window; the kind you usually see at the dentist's office to shield from view the impending torture slowly deviating toward your mouth.

Unfortunately, most of my blogging content is too personal to put up publicly, and I feel bad because 99.9% of the people I mention it to won't ever have access to it. So I made a public blog. It has resulted in the debacle that is this account - a superficial outpouring in humorously obscure, skewed ways.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Spelling is Important

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Guitar Hero: World Tour Guitar Eats Batteries for Breakfast

What a bitch. This is the third time since December 28, 2008 (the day I bought the set) that I've had to change my batteries for the World Tour guitar that came with the complete band set. Is it the fact that's its powering that (ridiculous) tapping pad for the solos in the middle of the guitar? I'm going to have to pick up one of those super efficient rechargeable battery sets if they die again.

It's been like a fricken month (not even). They're Energizer, so it's not like the batteries are from the dollar store.

Okay, so that guitar is sometimes played on expert level for six hours at a time. Big deal. The original guitar from the PS3 Guitar Hero III set has only had its batteries changed once since I got it (and that guitar has played more than Max Tucker).

I'm just saying. Judging from its energy usage, this guitar wasn't designed with battery longevity in mind. Which sucks balls.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hey, God. Thanks for the mono.

Someone I know recently got mono from their partner, and it led my thoughts wandering during church this morning. I recently just got over a cold, and was very conscious of not drinking from the communion cup in order to prevent spreading the virus (although, I usually don't go for it anyway if my family/I aren't the first group of people drinking from it).

It made me wonder if most people put physical restrains on themselves to receive the coveted "blood of Christ."

I mean, how many people who have the cold, or oral herpes, or mono drank from that cup today, do you think? Did the priest/helpers wash their hands very well before handing out the crackers (ie: the host), as my Sikh friend so eloquently put it once? Soap and water washing for less than 20 seconds without vigorous friction isn't that effective. Hey, I did that GlitterBug experiment!

And this someone-I-know-that-got-mono's boyfriend (I swear, that's not code for "I'm trying to pretend it's not me") doesn't know where he got it from. If it were anyone else talking, I would say they were full of crap, but I sort of believe him. They're sort of certain that he got it at the bar somehow after drinking from a less-than-clean shot glass.

(Note: Never drink straight outta high ball glasses etc. from the bar as a general rule. Always use those straws. You never know what shit can get passed around. --> I'm wary of Jager bombs.)

Which brings us back to the communion cup, and how many people around the world may have been infected by one at a point in their life.

Unless, you know, God intervenes somehow.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


This is what I did to my face for Halloween 2008:

Someone wants to pay me to do similar make up for their wedding.


Strange? Or did the musical Cats suddenly become a popular theme during wedding receptions?

PS: No pluggage, just questioning human reason to a point. I'm a far cry from being a fantastic make up artist. I've seen far better make up artists than my amateur self.

Language Curb

I guess my goal this year is to tone down my language. Not my presumptuous vocabulary mind you, but rather the profanity. It's not really that becoming, and while I regress to a litany of f*cks, sh*ts, d*mns, "f*ck me running"s and clusterf*cks when my mood really becomes riled, it's really something I want to get rid off. It was a nasty habit to begin with, and only really came back in full force after hanging around some silly brown kid (/coughjasminder) at the beginning of the semester and all that mental work and prep the summer beforehand flew out of the window.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obsessions from 2008 that Need to Be Put Down with a Gun

  • I will admit that Twilight is a decent book series. It has a plot line that makes sense (except for that effed up pregnancy in the 4th book - bad move, Meyer), characters that uh, develop, sort of, and an interesting cast within the book.
  • The movie sucked, but it had its entertainment value.
  • But if you've ever read fanfiction, this series is basically a big fat fanfiction series. I get that the characters are appealing as most teens probably have never been exposed to that genre of novella before, but it's fanbase should generally be from the preteen to teen level. When I see 35 year old women hot for Edward Cullen, there's something sort of wrong in the world. Then again, who am I to talk? I fully support 50 year old geezers that love comic books.
  • Really, when it comes down to it though, overly exuberant Twilight fangirls piss me off. As a fangirl for many other things, for me to say that is sort of hypocritical. But then again, I hate overly exuberant fangirls for other genres as well. Exuberant I can deal with -- the cosplay, the shrines, the half-hearted stalking of actors/voice actors. "Overly exuberant" is what I classify women who contemplate attaching metal limbs onto themselves because they love Full Metal Alchemist.
  • I'm not one to hate on the literature though. I fully support the Twilight fanbase as reading this series can capapult others into the world of literature, reading, and fanfiction; three things I love and will never stop loving. But the fact is Twilight is not the shit; it is merely a morsel of fecal contamination. If you want some awesome "the shit" books, go read some Anne Rice or something. There are way better vampire books out there.


  • I once spent an entire afternoon listening to guys make penis jokes. Believe me, vagina jokes only go so far as well.
  • My advice is for you to Google some jokes that reference things in history, cinema, or literature. Not only will it make you feel self important that you can reference Ophelia's drowning to relate some sad romance you know going on with your friend, but everyone else who understands will think of you as an intellectual.
  • Disclaimer: ration these jokes only for when the need arises. The overuse of such jokes only has the tendency to have others label you as "GIANT DOUCHBAG".
  • Note: The use of word "lollercaust" only goes so far.


  • If you use it in every sentence, you're really gay. Stop denying it, and embrace it. I have a friend, and he's single.

Friday, January 16, 2009

No, gramma, noooooooo~!

zomgz fail.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Flash - Quotes and Honors

New layout featuring The Flash. =) How punny (insert Filipino accent/literary humor).

I was watching that episode of Justice League where Flash ends up in Lex Luthor's body in The Great Brain Robbery. Oh man, always makes me laugh. Thus, this layout was born.

And in honor of this momentous occasion, a series of quotes featuring the one and only during that episode:

Luthor: [In Flash's body, runs up to a mirror] If nothing else, I can at least learn the Flash's secret identity. [Removes Flash's cowl, revealing the face of Wally West] ...I have no idea who this is.

[The Flash (in Lex Luthor's body) walks out of a bathroom stall.]
Doctor Polaris: Ahem.
Flash-in-Lex: What?
Doctor Polaris: You gonna wash your hands?
Flash-in-Lex: No! 'Cause I'm evil!

Bizarro: [Raises his hand] Me got answer.
Flash-in-Lex: Ah, excellent. Do enlighten us.
Bizarro: Ever since you plug into monkey's head, you act perfectly sane and rational. Am you Bizarro's mommy?

Tala: Just rest in here.
[pulls "Lex" into a closet]
Flash-in-Lex: Hey - that's not restful.

Flash-in-Lex: My fellow bad-guys. I, Lex Luthor -your leader- will speak now about... my, Lex Luthor's, plan. My... villainous, villainous plan. Question the plan at your peril!, any questions?

Flash-in-Lex: You, evil-head guy! What's your part in this plan?
Evil Star: I'm not in the plan.
Flash-in-Lex: :[pause] Right! Pop quiz! Everyone tell me his or her part in the plan.

Flash-in-Lex: Lex Luthor is pleased.

Lex-in-Flash: Attention! The man you think is Luthor is actually a Justice Leaguer disguised as me. Repeat: he is not Luthor.
Flash-in-Lex: ...I, Lex Luthor, find that preposterous.

Green Lantern: It sounds like Wally, but is there any way to be sure?
Flash: You want proof? Until he went off into the Marines, GL's nickname was-
Green Lantern: Stop! It's him. Man, you promised never to repeat that story!
Flash: I know, I was just messing with your head.

Mister Terrific: Well, can you tell us anything about Grodd's Secret Society? Where's the headquarters?
Flash: I don't know. In a swamp?

Tala: Lex? Is that really you?
Lex Luthor: Of course it's me, you twit.
Tala: [Disappointed] Oh.

[standard rule of netique, bitch; quote your sources]

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Some Things are Better Left Unsaid (or in this case, Unsung)

So, I finally got around to watching Mamma Mia for the first time today (much to the dismay of my brother who groaned loudly when I told him we are renting it this time, thank you very much) -- and I've come to the conclusion that Pierce Brosnan should not sing in musicals.


Ughhhh. /wriggles ears uncomfortably.

Don't get me wrong, he's a terrific actor. He's not even that terrible of a singer, really. But... he should limit his vocal talents to that of talking and moaning during sex, etc. He's an amazing on screen kisser though, I realized while watching this. Like, dammmnnnn. In James Bond, he's a terrific visual kisser, but I thought that was only due to the sexual overtones that basically drip off that MI6 agent (although I've never really had a thing for chest hair). But no, he's just a really good on screen kisser.

Anyway, an example of his voice: