This blog is a very tiny window into my blogging life. A narrow, frosted window; the kind you usually see at the dentist's office to shield from view the impending torture slowly deviating toward your mouth.

Unfortunately, most of my blogging content is too personal to put up publicly, and I feel bad because 99.9% of the people I mention it to won't ever have access to it. So I made a public blog. It has resulted in the debacle that is this account - a superficial outpouring in humorously obscure, skewed ways.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Language Curb

I guess my goal this year is to tone down my language. Not my presumptuous vocabulary mind you, but rather the profanity. It's not really that becoming, and while I regress to a litany of f*cks, sh*ts, d*mns, "f*ck me running"s and clusterf*cks when my mood really becomes riled, it's really something I want to get rid off. It was a nasty habit to begin with, and only really came back in full force after hanging around some silly brown kid (/coughjasminder) at the beginning of the semester and all that mental work and prep the summer beforehand flew out of the window.

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