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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Computer Blues

I've been heavily researching laptops for the last month. A thread/note on facebook that I posted on personal inquiries about my friends' preferences in laptops and, most importantly, why they felt their choice was superior, is currently a 45+ reply quasi-heated debate mostly circulating around the benefits of MAC vs. PC. The timeless debate among the geeks.

I've decided to go with a Mac Book Pro - 13.3 inch laptop.

However, for the longest time, I considered picking up a netbook specifically for the reason of its reduced functionality. Mostly revolving around the reasoning that I wasted a shit load of time doing all the fancy shit my super-hard core 17.5" desktop laptop - that I was toting around on my scolitic back - could do.

Eventually it blew up because I abused it ridiculously... and my grades skyrocketed following its death.

I spent all of 2nd year doing all the material for my courses that needed a computer from a brand new 24" screen, Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz, 3GB RAM desktop PC (named Hitsugaya) at home. Needless to say, this baby also was an endless source of procrastination via videos, Photoshop, facebook.

Again, my grades were affected. Fucking technology.

So I heavily considered the netbook. They had caught my attention about three years ago, but they were so shitty then that they weren't really worth looking at. They gradually started getting a little better, and something that limited my work to only 1) Word, 2) internet, and 3) basic IM capabilities suddenly sounded appealing.

The fact that I can't plug into Photoshop for 5 hours doing mindless editing, or be tempted to PC gaming (although I've truly tried to avoid that altogether), and just have shitty RAM and a shitty graphics card seemed tempting. Strange, but that truly was my thought process.

all my geek-techno-gamer-nerd friends called my stupid for even considering a netbook. Thanks, guys.

Why? Because it was so shitty. And it's true. But that's what a sort of wanted to limit myself and prevent myself from getting into distracting, procrastinating shit that a more awesome laptop would allow me to do.

Unfortunately, a Mac Book Pro is about $1000 out of my budget (ie: I am so poor you don't want to see the balance on my bank account).

Why? Because my job at Tip Top Tailors is the first actual $/hour job I've had in three years (since STOKES, lollercaust). And I've only been there for about a month. And I refuse to mooch this off my parents. I'm trying to move away, not continue to be the overgrown leech festering off of them.

Also, through some way, shape or form (/cough MAC Cosmetics Invite Only Event), I managed to spend my entire first paycheck without realizing it.

So really, a $400 netbook is the best thing for me to consider for the moment. It's economical, logical, and the best choice for me to concentrate on if I am only buying a laptop with the purpose to help me through school.

HOWEVER. Within the next year or two, I will be making a Mac Book Pro purchase.

And it will be beautiful. ;)

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