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Friday, October 23, 2009

Very bad, bad poety, last final, and woo nursing.

I have slept on the couches in the Student's Union Building (SUB) twice this week. I have pulled one all-nighter, and one semi-all-nighter for the end of my 6W1 finals. Showers are the greatest thing ever.

Why do I always do this shit to myself? Fucking procrastinating the hell out of everything related to school. Like, I'm supposed to be taking a full course load this year, but I managed to already take the required PoliSci, Philosophy, INT D, English, and two electives (Human Sexuality and Intimate Relationships) within the first two spring semesters of university. So I technically only have Research and my Nursing courses to contend with -- don't have to deal with the bullshit courses and shitty papers that my peers have to deal with (I ended up with a goldmine PoliSci prof at Grant MacEwan this spring).

Regardless, the week is finally over. I feel fairly good for all the finals that I wrote. It's funny, I pulled an all nighter for my first final and my mind was so slow that it literally took me at least 1 minute per question - to process and select an answer for each multiple choice question on the exam. I remember finishing the first 20 MC questions, and looking up at the clock - 24 minutes had gone by. I was like, "Jeeesssuuss, my mind is slow as fuck today."

But the funny thing is, as tired as I was, I left that exam fairly confident. I walked out and was talking to a couple of my friends, and some passing nursing students were definitely all about the "FML. I AM SO EFFED" comments.

Speaking of nursing, I did fairly dece on the Tutorial Assessment Guide (TAG) that each student is supposed to submit at the end of the class to determine a portion of your grade. You essentially pimp yourself out in this 3 page document to justify a mark you attempt to give yourself.

There are three sections - self directed learning, group process, and critical thinking. Each section is out of 4 - therefore, the entire thing is out of 12. However, if you don't want to be a complete douchebag and not have your tutor critically raise an eyebrow in the expression, "Hell no you don't," the most you're ever going to give yourself is a 3.5.

If you actually gave yourself a 4, you must be the new-age Florence Nightingale, or no one in your class liked you at all. I just think it's really aggravating to know that getting a 12/12 works so hard psychologically against you. You can't ever justify to yourself that "Oh man, I definitely deserve a 4" because you always know something you could have personally improved in yourself. If the tutor gave you a 4 on her own, you would be like, "Hell yeah, bitches! I'm the best." I ended up giving myself a 3.5 on the first two, and a 3 on critical thinking for the sake of modesty.

FOR THE SAKE OF MODESTY. lkjsakdjhsljg. The teacher approved it, and bam. There's my grade.

God, sometimes I really wonder if I would have been better off at Grant MacEwan. University now, thank you very much.

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