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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Strange fetishes in the world...

You know, I've taken HECOL 211 - Human Sexuality. I've been exposed to some pretty freakin' interesting fetishes some people have (like, we watched this "documentary" (read: semi-porno) about this one guy had a rubber fetish - like, tires probably turned him on and in order to get off or anything, the woman had to be wrapped in a industrial rubber suit that prevented electricity from zapping her to death).

I've seen the 10+ peircings on men's penises, more holes than I want to see in the labia of females, and a clitoris with a giant diamond stud (of all the ones I've seen, that would have had to be a bitch to get because all the clitoris is, is a giant freakin' bundle of nerves). Only in pictures, mind you, but its enough to get the gears working.

There are some strange fetishes out there, but like, whatever. I don't judge (much). You like what you like, it's something that's personal to you.

But seriously this made me LOL:

Can you IMAGINE the dirty talk associated with this?

"Oh baby, let me raise my arm and show you a treasure trail you've never even thought of."

Credit: wtf_inc@LJ

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