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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Canada, yooooo.

For a while, they've been talking about how if Obama wins, Canada's economy will be screwed over in the long run. Well, maybe not screwed over per se, but the Canadian economy would have been better if McCain won.

It is wrong for me to truly believe that this election transcends this issue to a point? I mean, if McCain wins in the States (which is looking like a dimmer prospect more and more as CNN political kahunas tear the election apart), I truly believe that the United States is fucked to a point. Seriously.

I don't think the implication of how much change the world really needs has truly been understood and fathoms on a truly national level, or even a North American international level, for a long time. But finally, so many people are sitting up and hearing about the issues due to this election. If Obama wins, it will be the stepping stone for a truly progressive world. Everything from LBGT rights, to support for environmentally conscience resources, to student rights, to First Nations support. A candidate has finally stepped forward that isn't limited by the borders or religions, or race, or education, or financial bigotry.

The only thing that truly bugs me is his view on world support. While I understand the fact that a majority of his campaign has rallied to the notes of bringing back "American jobs to the American people back to America," I truly believe that the Western world is pulling too far away from the Third World countries of this Earth. The gap is not so big between the rich and poor class, as it is from the First and Third World Nations.

There's all this focus on biofuel research, when the utilization of soy crops, or whatever crops leads me to question why to focus on this when there is a global food shortage. I told someone that there was a gobal food shortage the other day, and they looked me as if I was crazy. Of course, being in Alberta makes many people in this province actually truly ignorant to so many world issues. Here, we complain about how much the provinical government is getting from the oil companies but how much is it really coming back to the Albertan residents? Regardless of this, we have so much fucking money here, that the provinical budget of Alberta is almost the same as the NATIONAL budget of the Philippines.


You know, I was talking about the melanin-contamination for the milk the other day to someone else, and they looked at me curiously. I want to shake some people so hard sometimes, they're so ignorant to the deaths and suffering of millions of people.

Those are just three issues of many.

But to achieve the truly global neighbor-helping-neighbor idea that will pull the rest of the world out of this will take the United States to truly find itself first, before it starts helping other people.

And don't get me started on the turnout rate for the Canadian Federal election in comparison to the American one...


Nicholas said...

I'm pretty sure both of those stupid uninformed people you talked to were me.

I am a descendant of Benito Mussolini. Srsly. said...

1) I talked to more than one person about it.

2) Not all my blog posts are about you, Nicholai.

Nicholas said...

I am not saying you were, I was thinking you forgot who you were talking to at those times, but I clearly remember both those conversations and I was definitely the one who was like "wtf are you talking about". So even if you were talking about someone else it still applied to me.

I am a descendant of Benito Mussolini. Srsly. said...

Loveee your faceee.

Lori Aguinaldo said...

this is completely unrelated, but I love your profile picture. it looks like you have BOOBS hahaha