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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Couple (everyone hates to be around)

You know what I'd hate be ever be classified as?

The Couple everyone hates to be around.

You know, the one that basically gropes each other in public, makes out non-stop during movies, and focuses on no one but themselves when placed in a group situation.

It's different if you're just with your bf/gf in a public place. Like, I am a big fan of the PG-13 PDA (public displays of affection), such as handholding and light kissing in public. Sure, whatever.

I am also a big fan of the from-behind hugs. I "awww" inside of my head when I see it (actually, I've never ever done that, but if I was like that, I probably would). I don't even mind the long-standing tonging in a public corner as long as you're out of my feild of vision, and I have someone else to talk to. Sure, French kiss away.

However, there is a limit.

It's worse when The Couple never listens to the hints or remarks thrown their way about it. No one will actually tell them, "Stop fucking making out in front of us, it sickens us," because we're your friends and to do that would be a little harsh. However, hints are classified as:
  • "Get a room."
  • "I like always seeing your back, I really do."
  • "Eugh."
  • "They're at it again."

So please.

Take a hint.

Control yourself.

Because whether or not you know it, everyone knows you as The Couple they hate to be around.

And people will start avoiding you.

And not inviting you to things. Because you'll always bring your special someone with you.

And they'll dread you guys coming when they inevitably do invite you (because we're obligated as friends), and will invariably talk about The Couple and their actions behind their back.


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