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Friday, November 28, 2008

Kim (formerly Tim) Petras

Think she's hot? Yeah, well, frick man, so do I.

Say hello to Kim Petras, formerly Tim Petras, a German teenager who is an aspiring pop artist.

Petras is well-known for having undergone male to female gender transitioning from an early age. In 2008 she was signed to Joyce Records and released online her first single "Last Forever" which became popular on YouTube and Myspace with her songs being listened to 60,000 and 46,000 times respectively. (

Listening to her songs on Myspace (, I think they're shit, but it's amazing to see just how far hormone therapy has come. I mean, look at how absolutely terrific she looks. if I hadn't seen this:

And consquently was intrigued enough to google it, I wouldn't have thought much on her had I passed her picture on the 'net.

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