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Unfortunately, most of my blogging content is too personal to put up publicly, and I feel bad because 99.9% of the people I mention it to won't ever have access to it. So I made a public blog. It has resulted in the debacle that is this account - a superficial outpouring in humorously obscure, skewed ways.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ben Sherman Fashion Show

What a fantabu-fuckingly-awesome day.

Today was an absolute RIOT.


I haven't laughed soooo hard in soooo long.

The Highlights:
  • Lunch with German man.
  • The Birthing Process: some friends were randomly going through my text book and the first page they opened was full frontal graphic pictures of a baby coming out of a vagina. I've since flagged the page, and it was the best conversation starter in the world.
  • Best text of the day: "I am releasing the fudge dragon."
  • Meeting Roxanne in the elevator.
  • The wave to Roxanne & I at RATT. Good job, Sven.
  • Happy Birthday, Eric.
  • Not having my ID. =(
  • Dancing with Tasha.
  • "You're not fat. You're skinny."
  • The Ben Sherman Fashion Show at Color Blind on Whyte Ave: Invite only, bitchesssss. Bought the best white on white checkered shirt I've ever seen.
  • Sven's Awesome-ly Sexy shirt
  • Chilling with Roxanne at her Cafe d'Awesome for two hours. Seriously fun times.
  • Getting my status hacked. Fucking again. Jesus, why does it ALWAYS have to be about fucking diarrhea or the mad shits or farting. Boys are so narrow minded. Although, I technically have to blame this one on a girl...
  • Hacking Sven's status and switching it to say: "Sven has a small penis." REVENGE IS SWEET.
What a great fucking day.

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