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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Orgasm vs. SUPER Orgasm?!

So NARS released a new version of Orgasm, one of their trademark colors and blushes the other day (it's called Super Orgasm ($25 US)):

It's described as a "shimmery peachy pink with golden flecks of glitter." I... am actually really interested in this one. I have MAC's Danity mineralized blush, which is reminiscent of this color, and I'm not really a fan of buying almost-doubles. Although the quality and material is completely different. I spend a lot of money on make up (even though I really don't need it), but I buy things that generally pop out and scream, "OMG AWESOME."

I either like: bright, bold colors that make people glue their eye-ballers to my face; or really subtle make up that makes it seem you're not wearing any make up at all.

AND, I really like crazy make up. MAC came out with so many sweet face charts for this year! For Halloween, I was all hyped up to do something crazy special fx make up like this:

Or some crazy mutilated flesh one (with all my syringes sticking out of them and everything), but no. Because...

I'm in clinical.

And not only that, I'm in community and maternity/gynecology. Yeah. That won't scare off my clients and their families at all:


Because this is what I was planning to look like for Halloween:

[Photo inspiration:].

Or this:

[Photo inspiration:]

But no.

The one thing I completely regret about being a nurse is the fact that I can't dress up to go to work.


I know it's superficial, and not really relevant at all, but stillllllll. =(

AND NOW, I'm off to study pathophysiology. The subject where I find out about stuff that doesn't go right in your body.

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