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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Frost 2008

Holy SHIT, I haven't been that hungry in such a long time. At like 2am, my body wanted to collapse from hypoglycemic shock. Or something.

Explanation: I ended up going to Frost 2008 with Armin van Buren at West Edmonton Mall (Ed's Center) last night. Starts off great actually, besides me freezing my ass off in my skirt walking from Danielle's house to the bus stop. The bus driver asks about our "juice" in the Dasani 2L we're lugging around but he didn't raise a fuss as we brought it on the bus.

We get to Ed's at around 9:45ish, and the main floor is full of chalk white. There are two dozen giant harder-than-Styrofoam snowflakes hanging from the rafters, and while walking into the room, a couple Asians pass me giving me the look as if they know me. My hair is a mess of curls covered in silver sparkles that took three hours to fully do (fuck, I never realized just how much hair I really had), and I'm wearing the checkered white-on-white Ben Sherman shirt I got during the fashion show, and a jersey short-skirt.

Oh, and flats. My feet thanked me profusely at the end of the night.

Danced a bit, but the lower main floor was sort of dead. There was this black guy who was dressed in only white tights, and had airbrushed white decals all over his upper body with stars and shit. It was a pretty sweet effect. Another woman was wearing this really cute laced corset, with white gauzy material acting as the skirt and as poofy-princess sleeves. It was quite the outfit -- it made me think of what to possible wear the next time I attended an event like this. Definitely not sticking with generic next time.

David and I chug back a couple raspberry vodkas, and head upstairs. Awesome music. Spun around a lot, danced for a good hour or so. Then I heard my name called, and Angelo is standing next to me. I'm not wearing my glasses, so the only way I recognized him was the shape of his head and his frames (haha, sorry). Oh, and his voice. Oh, and Matt de M. is there, with Tom M.

Then my head started to ache.

A few amaretto-in-coke's (mmm... <3) later, and I'm back to dancing.

We ended up heading back downstairs, but fuck that was like being a sardine trapped in a tin can for a good half hour. Not to mention the cement flooring was sticky as hell, and I kept getting bowled into by the dozens of shifting people. Not enjoyable at all. It was actually the biggest turn off for the night.

We escaped from the mass of white (which took like a million years because it was a two way lane of people trying to get where we came from, or escape to get to the back area). Ran into Matt de M. with Tom again, and chilled there.

By this point, I can actually feel my body begin to regress into a sort of hypoglycemic state. You know that feeling you can get when you've worked out too much without eating? Like, you've run for 20 minutes straight, and then do 100 sit ups but then want to collapse from lightheadedness. And your body becomes lethargic, and sitting upright makes you feel sick? WELL, I had already DONE that in the morning when I worked out. And I still hadn't eaten beyond the yogurt and the toast I scarfed down quickly when I got home that morning. And I was at that point again. I had to physically restrain my body to stop it from shaking, I was so hungry.

Armin comes on around 1:30pm, and I finally run into David P.

Then David H. and I are like, "Fuck it, we're hungry." So we go around to a whole bunch of security guards, and we're like, "Can we buy food around here?" One of them actually laughed and said that's the first time someone has asked around for actual food. Implying they probably got more questions about Vitamin C and its associates than anything else. But I'm very adamant in saying I want a burger. Specifically McDonalds. And hashbrowns.

But security-guy-who-implied-drugs is no help, and then David and I see a giant sign that says, "FOOD SERVICES UPSTAIRS." And I'm like, "ORLY?" Because we were just upstairs and I had seen no food anythings anywhere there. We go and check it out again, just in case, but I was right the first time and there are no food services there. The liars.

We ended up talking to one security guard who was nice enough to get off his post to go to the off-limits area vending machine and get us some food (actually, this guy looked so fucking dead and tired).

So we ditched for Denny's, and it was the smartest decision of my life. I devoured my hashbrowns and Moon Over My Hammy's, and my body receded from pilfering energy from parts of my body not meant to be pilfered from. I haven't felt that absolutely starved in so long, the sick-feeling starved.

It was an early night (strange how peacing out at 3am is considered an early night), but still had a blast nonetheless.

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