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Unfortunately, most of my blogging content is too personal to put up publicly, and I feel bad because 99.9% of the people I mention it to won't ever have access to it. So I made a public blog. It has resulted in the debacle that is this account - a superficial outpouring in humorously obscure, skewed ways.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yooo, Deadwood.

Henri, my entire profile on this thing is a joke if you didn't realize. Would it be more obvious if I wrote that I transform into a hulk-like man by the power of Greyskull for you to realize it? I thought the obvious first sentence saying, "My last name is Chan," was a dead give away (it's actually Benito). And the fact that it says I was in plumbing at the U of A. I'm not even sure the U of A offers education specific to that line of work; maybe to supplement it, but not so much to teach it.

So Sven MSNed me this video today, which I thought was one of the most incredible monologues I've heard in a long time. My inner feminist was screaming bloody murder within the first thirty seconds of him talking, but what an absolutely incredible clip:

On another note:

Man, life is good.

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