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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Question Yourself

This world is full of just so much, that not changing even slightly because of it tells me that you are one isolated motherfucker with no friends. Seriously. If you don't meet people in your day to day comings and goings that don't alter your view on everything you see, you should get new friends.

I am more than aware of how often this occurs -- I'm in nursing. I deal with high risk, low risk, and potentially self-harming behavior. And I encourage everyone to take a deep breath and inch your way into this world that you have not even tapped on the surface of. Scratch the surface! Hell, take your keys and rake your mark into other people's paint jobs.

Leap, jump, and splash into the sea of people and thoughts that surround you, because seriously, you should get your world rocked.

Now I'm not saying that you should change everything about yourself every day of your life because of something new that makes you reevaluate what you previously believed to be your values or something. What I am saying is question your beliefs, and their validity. Question others beliefs and their validity. The Holocaust didn't happen. Veganism is the way to go. Asian girls make superior girlfriends (/coughtrue).

My thoughts:

People will change your view on the world every day of your life.

I believe in God, and one of my best friends is a proclaimed athiest.

My parents are traditional Filipinos who raised me in a Western world. Wooo, that one was a doozy to sort my head through in itself.

I'm in nursing, and have to question my belief system a lot in concern to what I educate people on (ie: abortion, birth control vs. keeping the baby, no contraceptive care) and have to really keep in mind and be considerate of other peoples religions and tolerations. Believe me, the feeling doesn't go both ways. Some patients refuse to be seen by someone of male or female gender, or refuse to communicate to someone not within their culture.

I'm a Playstation girl at heart, but have begun to fall to the dark side of the Xbox 360.

Old people have sex. And like it. Your grandparents didn't magically wish your parents into the world. Deal with it. Youths and adults today are ageist, its insane. What, you think you won't be thinking of sex when you're 80? Oh you'll probably be thinking about your failing heart and your crappy bowel system, but believe me, the sex drive still exists.

Country music can be the shit, or can be shit.

Other people will remember remarks you make about them long after you've forgotten what you've said.

Cross religion dating is an interesting time.

...But understand that not everyone works like this. Actively seeks out the other people in the world, I mean. Some people are introverted, and accepting that they are just not outgoing people is perfectly fine. However, to never meet new people or interact with society is a different thing altogether.

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