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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Michelle Obama

You know, it's shameful that I'm more engaged with the politics south of the border than I am with my own country's - and the Canadian federal election is literally two days away. This website is basically the culmination of my knowledge for that election ( I have only superficial perspectives on all the candidates who are running, but considering filial connections at the moment, I won't really mention my personal position.

Back to America 2008:

I've become a really big fan of Michelle Obama in the last little while. Cindy McCain gets the thumbs up from me just because she dresses fucking awesome (sorry, that's about all I have for her), Michelle has a special insight and perspective that she constantly makes as her platform.

I can only imagine her thought process. She mentions the fact she goes down all the "dark roads" before really focussing on the bigger picture. She overthinks -- something I like terribly about this woman. She imagines all the bad, and all the good, that can possibly happen on the road with campaigning for her husband. But what she always manages to bring it back to is looking at the bigger picture.

Every single time anyone tries to bring it back to "how to do feel about being the first black woman..." or anything to deal with the color of her skin, she brings it back to the bigger picture. She'll focus her answer to not think about her being black, but about her being a woman. When the talk centers on her kids and how she deals with the stress, she brings it back to how she's incredible fortunate to have the resources that most working mom's do not have at their disposal. She brings it back to the main issues, and talks about the ideas that stem from them. She allows an awareness and an insight to be spoken aloud by someone who people will listen to. But most importantly, she will not allow her answers to be force her into a corner, something I find to be a very incredible talent.

Larry King asked her what she thought about her possibly becoming the first black woman first lady. She spoke of what an incredible opportunity it would be, and how it would allow her the opportunity for so much. How it would allow her the platform to speak on behalf of so many. And so on and so forth. Her answer had me nodding my head in approval.

She's incredibly aware, something I find that people are slowly becoming more keen to. At first I used to have a very jaded idea on what people are aware with in this day and age. I mean, I was talking to a bunch of 9th graders the other day about September 11th. And their response was sort of this casual brush off of the topic, because they "didn't really know much about it." My jaw literally dropped. I remember the day that this happened when I was in grade 9 myself, and being blown away and thinking about the impact that event had on global policies. I dunno. Maybe a sense of this kind of awareness has to come with age -- I dunno. Regardless, people are learning about their environments now at an incredible rate. People are in tune with the world: Burma, Darfur, Georgia. But then again, some people (like me) don't know shit all what happens within her own home city sometimes.

And if blogspot allowed me to put a caption on that photo, it would say:

"Bitch, I know you talkin' 'bout me!"

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