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Saturday, October 4, 2008

NARS ORGASM / Prostate Cancer & Pharmacology

So I'm researching all this medication and pharmacology-esque stuff for prostate cancer right now (attention males with penises and things -- go get yourself checked out. Anyone over 15 should go for yearly testicular cancer exams, for the record. Or, just feel your balls in the shower. You know, whatever works) ...and getting distracted by all the new MAC promotions and the NARS holiday line:

Omg, I want this nail polish:

It's an orgasm in a tiny bottle -- seriously though, the shade of that peach/pink is called orgasm. They're also coming out with these eyeshadow color (Night Life and Silent Life):

...which are fucking gorgeous. I'm not even a NARS fan at all. The consistency of some of its products doesn't mesh well with what I usually look for. But I like the color of these a lot.

Christian Dior came out with a holiday diamond palate, but while I love the product quality for most CD eyeshadows, I'm very rarely drawn to any of its colors. Maybe its the fact that the color of some of the more drab palates wash out the really vibrant colors -- it's a shame. However, I'm dying to get my hands on some of the Yves Saint Laurant Rouge Volumpte line of lipsticks:

The Creamsheens that MAC recently came out with had much to be desired. I thought they would be better -- but they weren't. Mostly to me though. I didn't find many of the colors considerably flattering. Speaking of makeup, I haven't been shopping for any since the Cult of Cherry release a few weeks ago. Time to go update my collection. :)

I'll post a picture of all my MAC one day when I organize them into a new traincase.

(Photo credit to Temptalia)

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